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Evaluation for Pretreatment

We focus on the most effective way to prepare the surface of the metal for powder bonding. This is crucial for life and longevity of the finished product. Items are either brought in raw or covered (painted) to begin with. Our team first evaluates the condition of the item and makes the proper evaluation for pretreatment of the part. Depending on the evaluation, the item is either chemically stripped, burned-off or sandblasted.

Five Stage Chemical Process

At Exclusive we use a five-stage chemical wash followed by heat drying. First, we begin with a degrease rinse to remove contaminations and left over petroleum chemicals from manufacturing. Secondly, an iron phosphate coating that bonds itself to the clean metal is applied followed by a stage-one rinse. Next, a sealer provides a uniform surface and acidifies the conversion coating for best adhesion. A clean rinse removes any excess chromate and phosphates from metal followed by a DI rinse. Temperature controlled heat ovens combine the phosphate and sealer together for the best powder bonding possible.

High Quality Powder Coat Application

The powder coating application stage is where the colored powder is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the metal. Thus allowing the powder to adhere to the metal magnetically and allows the particles to fuse into the metal. Powder coated surfaces are far more resilient than standard paint. Giving your product a longer life through weather conditions, fading, abrasion and resistant to corrosion.
Curing ovens are set to certain temperature specific to powder that is being applied. Metals are preheated then sprayed with the powder to run through the conveyor belt. Ovens can reach up to 500 degrees depending on what the item is being powered for. The conveyor line runs at a specific speed to make sure powder and metal are fused for highest bonding.

Quality Control

There are two phases to quality control. Visual inspection check to make sure every piece looks as it should and contains the proper amount of powder and stable look. Sample tests are run through all stages before any final products are sprayed. Strength testing is then done to make sure powder bonding is correct and even. If there are any flaws in the product the item is then redone. Packaging and shipping completes the final stage of the finished product. Each finished item is completely packaged separately from each other to prevent any damage. If necessary, each item is labeled with it's proper UPC label for ready to use logistics. If needed, Exclusive's fleet of trucks will then transport the item to the nearest distribution center.

Industrial Coatings


Powder Coated Building
Entire Grace Ministries Korean Church powder coated panels from top to bottom by Exclusive Powder Coating

Industrial Main

For the Toughest of Jobs

Exclusive Powder Coating offers an unlimited color palette of tough, durable powders with the longest lasting protective finish for any industrial application. Our best-in-class methods streamlines the process from start to finish. Our years of experience makes the process starting with the quote to the end product seamless and professional.

Industrial 2

Powder coated handrails for X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Military Coatings

Military 1

Bases for General Atomics

Military Coatings

ISO 9000 Compliant

Exclusive Powder Coating offers several powder coat protection options for military application. Mil-spec coatings are available to meet government standards and requirements.

Military 2

Transportation stands for military drones

Architectural Coatings

Architect 1

RSA lighting

Architecture Coatings


Epoxy and zinc-rich primers along with polyurethane topcoats are our specialty.

Architecture 3

Hydrel lighting

Consumer Coatings

Consumer 1

Custom valve job

Consumer Coatings

Turn Your Project Concept Into a Reality

Exclusive Powder Coating helps you restore, preserve and protect lighting fixtures and light poles, electronic and computer parts, material handling equipment, playground equipment, exercise equipment, animal cages, display racks, wrought iron staircases, chairs and tables, gates, fencing, railings, roofs, and all automotive, motorcycle parts.

Consumer 3

Won first place award for custom truck. Exclusive Powder Coating coated complete frame and accessories.

Pad Printing

Padprint 1
Pad Printing

Give your powder coated part a final touch with pad printing. Our pad printing and silkscreening can be done in all colors and put on almost any surface that is flat or a screen will fit on.

Padprint 3

High Quality Colors Available

We have a wide multitude of colors available aside from the ones below. Please use chart below as a guideline to help us find the perfect color for your part.

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Help Us Give You the Most Accurate Quote

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